Operational forecasts revision history

2015/01/15: switched to NCEP GFS 0.25 degree resolution forcing fields

2015/01/14: added a mixed additive and multiplicative forecast error inflation algorithm

2013/05/01: ARGO-induced sea temperature correction amplitude is now limited to 0.5°C

2013/03/19: assimilate only ARGO data lower than 8m depth

2013/03/03: replaced SST unreliable L4 (no-cloud-gaps) data with L3 (gaps) data

2013/02/11: scripted daily ARGO profiles (T,S) assimilation

2012/12/27: ensemble members are restarted from the previously analyzed members rather than by perturbation of the previous central analysis

2012/08/02: forecast uncertainty maps are put online daily

2012/06/14: scripted daily SST assimilation + running 3 basis runs (daily HYCOM-reinitialised run, free run, SST DA run) instead of one, apart from the ensemble

2012/05/18: replaced the deterministic forecast with ensemble forecasting

2012/04/10: moved everything to a new, faster and bigger server.

2012/02/01: discovered a problem with the HYCOM data retrieval script; some initial conditions might have been erroneous. Downloading all HYCOM data again, and rerunning all model simulations up to today.

2012/01/31: automated download of MyOcean data relative to the Black Sea (SST, SLA tracks, MHI forecasts): completed scripts, crontabbed

2012/01/28: download of ECMWF historic atmospheric fields for comparison with NCEP data: completed script

2011/12/21: GHER3D model scripted to run daily after NCEP data download is completed. The script does the following:
– check for initial condition presence,
– check for atmospheric forcings,
– run the model two times: 1 day with a 5-minute timestep, then 7 days with a 10-minute timestep,
– check for success,
– put forecasts online on the THREDDS server,
– generate animated gifs and put online.
seamod.ro/Gher3D hydrodynamic model, completed scripts, crontabbed

2011/12/20: automated download of HYCOM model data relative to the Black Sea (OpenDAP): completed scripts, crontabbed

2011/10/17: automated download of NCEP atmospheric data relative to the Black Sea: completed scripts, crontabbed

2011/10/09: automated download of Coriolis data relative to the Black Sea (ARGO profiles): completed scripts, crontabbed