Past & present projects

SYROCO: this project, funded by CMEMS, will help us upgrade and expand the coastal monitoring and forecasting system developped for the Romanian coastal are during previous projects

EO4SIBS: in this ESA project, will try out various new remotely sensed datasets for data assimilation in a Black Sea model, see EO4SIBS webpage.

ForCoast: this H2020 project is dedicated to support for aquaculture / mariculture, implements the Romanian pilot case. See here for more information.

Upscaling: this project was funded by CMEMS, and consisted of examining whether high-resolution (regional and coastal) models could be considered as pseudo-observations for assimilation in CMEMS models; see here. signed a convention of collaboration with GeoEcoMar (Bucarest, Romania) and collaborates a lot with the NIMRD institute (Constanta, Romania).

Outside of, our collaborators have participated in various projects such as MFSTEP (EU FP5), SESAME (EU FP7), RAIA and RAIA.da (EU Marie Curie), SANGOMA (EU FP7) ...