About seamod.ro

seamod.ro is a scientific entity inside the Romanian SME Jailoo. Its expertise lies with physical and biogeochemical oceanography, and includes modelling, data assimilation and GIS. The focus is both on operational oceanography and the blue growth economy, and reanalysis of past epochs.
Various programming languages, environments and platforms are used to perform different numerical experiments, going from personal computers to cloud HPC platforms.

Located in Romania, seamod.ro naturally focused on the Black Sea. As a proof of competency, in 2011 seamod.ro started running an operational ensemble forecasting system of the Black Sea hydrodynamics. The system was ultimately discontinued in 2017, and replaced with a new operational system of the North-Western Shelf in 2020.

Jailoo is a small family firm created in 2008 and located in the Arges county, Romania. Apart from seamod.ro, it also hosts entities related to forestry and sylviculture, to tourism (agro-tourism, horse-riding and hunting), as well as a sand-extraction subsidiary. seamod.ro currently employs 2 persons, whereas Jailoo staff depends on seasonal activities. Jailoo headquarters are wind- and solar-powered, and heating is provided by a high-efficiency wood bioler.

The header picture is the entry of the Bosphorus channel, as seen when coming from the Black Sea (c) seamod.ro


New web site

Early 2020, after 9 years, the website was refreshed!

New operational model

In the context of the H2020 ForCoast project, a new operational model of the Black Sea North-Western Shelf was developped. Operational results can be retrieved on this server !

ESA EO4SIBS project

seamod.ro will perform data assimilation experiments in the Black Sea on account of the EO4SIBS project, sponsored by ESA.